Our topic this week is a short one, but it’s an important factor to consider when carrying out a Stakeholder Analysis.

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Anyway, enough of that – on to this week’s topic!

Risk Management and Business Continuity

A key stakeholder for the FM department is the business as a whole (yes – your parent organisation is essentially a stakeholder in itself!) and a key function of the FM department is to consider risk management and implement procedures to reduce any risks and to ensure business continuity.

To that end it is vital that the FM department is involved in risk assessment and the planning of business continuity procedures.

To ensure that this happens, senior FMs within an organisation should ideally have easy access to the senior management team so that the requirements of the business can be easily assessed. The continuity of the business can be affected by many factors.

When talking about risk, it is common amongst FM circles to automatically think of health and safety, but in the context of business continuity risk can cover anything which could have a negative impact on the business. Risks to business continuity can include:

  • Organisational risk
  • Financial risk
  • Environmental risk
  • Security risk

That’s all, folks
That’s all for now – we said it would be a short one! Risk management and business continuity is a whole subject area in itself and will no doubt be the topic for a future series of this e-mail.

For now, just know that it is important to account for risk management when undertaking a stakeholder analysis.
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Have a great week!
Chris and the Xenon Team
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